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Turu-uuringute AS started working as an impartial research company in 1994.
Today, the company has more than 25 years of research experience.
All specialists working in the company have more than
10 years of work experience in the research field.


What are we doing?

We offer full service in the field of public opinion and marketing research. Turu-uuringute AS uses quantitative, qualitative and desk research methods to collect data.

Regardless of the survey method, the participants in the surveys remain anonymous to the clients of the surveys and other parties, i.e., we do not match the answers with the identity of the respondents (unless otherwise agreed with the respondent).

Our goal is to be a marketing-oriented, recognized partner with modern solutions for our customers.

Cooperation partners

Turu-uuringute AS is owned by Finnish research company Taloustutkimus OY (TOY), which has more than 40 years of experience in market research.
The TOY group also includes the research company TOY-Opinion in St. Petersburg, Russia and owns shares in Latvian research company Latvian Facts and Lithuanian research company Vilmorus.

In the Baltics, the main partners of Turu-uuringute AS are the sister companies Latvian Facts in Latvia and Vilmorus and Baltic Surveys Ltd in Lithuania, with whom we conduct pan-Baltic marketing and opinion research.

In addition, we work closely with several major international research companies.